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Healing Stones are a wonderful addition to your healthcare regimen, but they should NEVER be used against or in lieu of your Doctor's directions!

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aka: "Mother of Pearl"



* Chakra:  Primary-Third Eye; Secondary-Crown, Heart, Sacral

  • Improves the skills of communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise; encourages us to "stand in the other person's shoes"

  • Nurtures those who have survived traumatic experiences, showing them, that like the shell, the tossing & turning of their lives has only made them more beautiful, strong & resilient for it.

  • Soothes the nerves during times of tough emotional issues

* Healing Properties

  • Promotes relaxation, relieving stress & anxiety

  • Helps soothe skin conditions, allergies & rashes

  • Aids in a gentle weight loss program for men & women at any age

  • Assists with the relief of fluid retention

  • Helpful during pre-conception, pregnancy, birth & motherhood

Stones A

African Queen Jasper

aka: the "Stone of Global Awareness"


* Chakra:  Third Eye & Base

  • Stabilizes & Energizes the physical body

  • Helps one to become confident in one's own power, which leads to independence & self-reliance

  • Improves internal communications so thoughts are healthy & vibrant

* Healing Properties

  • Useful for quitting smoking & helps to reduce cravings

  • A powerful detoxifier, it protects from environmental pollutants, cleanses the body & boosts the immune system

  • Aids with issues of the kidneys, stomach, intestines, bowels, prostate, hernias, skin disorders and allergies

  • During prolonged illness &/or hospitalization, brings renewed strength & vitality

Agate, Brazilian

* Chakra:  Third Eye

  • Balances the four energies: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual

  • Cleanses & stabilizes the Aura of the wearer

  • Improves strength, courage, concentration & overall feeling of composure

* Healing Properties

  • Improves digestion & blood circulation

  • Helps with bruises, muscle spasms, headaches

  • Alleviates tension, bitterness, anger & distractions

* Ex 28:19, 39:12


aka: the "Stone of Courage"


* Chakra:  soothes all but particularly rejuvenates Heart & Throat

  • Improves communication skills, especially those concerning love

  • Helps build courage to stand up for one's beliefs

* Healing Properties

  • Assists the functioning of the throat passages & thyroid gland

  • Aids issues of the nervous system & neurological connections

  • Helps with depression, anxiety, headaches & migraines

  • Especially good stone to wear when dealing with breast issues

* Ex 28:19, 39:12; Ezek 28:13; Rev 21:20


* Reduces anger & irritability in the home & encourages lazy and/or slovenly children to action and cleanliness

* A powerful stone of motivation & courage, it fills the heart with determination to do good in the world


aka: the "Honey Stone"

or "Petrified Sunlight"


* Chakra:  Solar Plexus

  • Reduces insomnia, improves memory & concentration

  • Enhances self-esteem & self-respect

  • Encourages confidence, bravery, inner strength & logic

* Healing Properties

  • Improves stomach ailments, indigestion, sore throats, inner ear complaints, allergies & short-term memory

  • Strengthens spine, lungs & central nervous system

  • Helps relieve depression, anxiety & "21st century stress"

  • Enhances metabolism & cell regeneration

  • Guards against electromagnetic "smog" from too many electronic devices & other environmental pollutants

* Ezek 1:4, 27; 8:2


aka: the "Stone of Spirituality & Contentment" 

aka: the "Stone of Sobriety"

* Chakra:  Third Eye

  • Deeply enhances understanding of oneself & the world

  • Sharpens one's intuitive sense

* Healing Properties

  • Particularly helpful in dealing with addictions

  • Quite useful in treating disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, heart,   stomach, skin & teeth

  • Excellent for treating insomnia, headaches & mental disorders

  • Calms & soothes nerves, swelling & pain

  • Effective all-around healer for people, animals & plants

* Ex 28:19, 39:12; Rev 21:20



* Chakra:  Throat

  • Improves communication skills

  • Enhances ability to express one's inner feelings without becoming overly emotional

  • Boosts creativity & its expression, making it excellent for healers, teachers, trainers, writers, journalists, presenters & performers

* Healing Properties

  • Promotes relaxation, relieving stress & anxiety

  • Helps soothe growing pains & teething in young children

  • Acts as an appetite suppressant & aids in weight loss

  • Aids with arthritis, joint pain & bone fractures

  • Strengthens teeth & bones, helps prevent bone thinning

  • Boosts memory and concentration


aka: the "Courage Stone"


* Chakra:  Throat

  • Promotes peaceful, clear communications

  • Fosters compassion & tolerance & dispels judgmental attitudes

  • Stimulates the brain to increase intellect & learning

* Healing Properties

  • Aids with water retention, swollen glands & swelling

  • Assists with the maintenance of teeth & with the formative bone structure

  • Supports healthy eyes & improves vision

  • Helps to relieve ailments of the neck, throat, vocal chords & speech

  • Boosts sluggish immune systems

* Ex 28:19, 39:12; Ezek 28:13; Rev 21:20



* Chakra:  Sacral

  • Enhances reliability & practicality; enables one to maintain a level of comfort during times of an overabundance of responsibilities

  • Combats lethargy, loneliness & sadness

  • Improves intimacy in relationships

* Healing Properties

  • Promotes good bone formation & healthy joints

  • Combats Vitamins A & D deficiencies, as well as Calcium

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Protects against nightmares & sleepwalking

  • Combats chills & brings warmth to extremities


aka: the "Stone of Heaven"


* Chakra: Third Eye

  • Helpful in relieving worries, phobias & negativity

  • Strengthens psychic & intuitive abilities & helps one to recognize spiritual guidance when it occurs

  • Helps one to recognize areas of life that need attention

* Healing Properties

  • Increases blood oxygen levels & repairs brain cells

  • Quite useful in treating disorders of the kidneys, gall bladder and thyroid

  • Alleviates bone & joint problems

  • Calms & relieves mental stress

  • Eases sore throats

Banded Agate
aka: the "Earth Rainbow"

black- banded-agate_edited.jpg

* Chakra: Base & Crown

  • Helps bring balance and stability in all areas of one's life

  • Encourages clear vision of self, others & situations

* Healing Properties

  • Aids detoxification of stomach, colon, liver, spleen & kidneys

  • Helpful for issues of the nervous system & depression

  • Shields body from adverse side effects of X-Rays & radiation

  • Improves memory & concentration

* Ex 28:19, 39:12

Useful for those who are easily hurt, it teaches one to look for solutions instead of dwelling on problems; an excellent         stone for adults who suffered through manipulative parents

Stones B

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline.jpg

* Chakra:  Base

  • The most powerful stone to protect & repel negative energies

  • Increases physical vitality, emotional stability & intellectual acuity

  • Boosts creativity & ability to remain positive in trying situations

* Healing Properties

  • Protects against the negative effects of excessive radiation; particularly helpful for those undergoing radiation therapy

  • Alleviates muscular atrophy, painful inflammation of bones & joints, gout, muscle aches & cramps; helpful for those with MD

  • Helps the nervous system, including the brain & spinal cord; particularly those that stimulate muscles and body movement

  • Aids ailments of the kidneys, adrenal glands & heart disorders

  • Improves skin conditions caused by inflammatory diseases; shingles, skin & facial paralysis, arthritis & cancerous growths



* Chakra:  Base, Sacral & Heart

  • Helps you to feel grounded & balanced in all areas of life

  • Enhances one's creativity and encourages healthy sexual relationships

  • Promotes harmony & love in relationships & enhances self-love

* Healing Properties

  • Cleanses the blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines, liver & bone marrow

  • Neutralizes & provides for elimination of toxins within the body

  • Relieves menstrual & menopausal symptoms & helps women to keep up their strength during labor & childbirth

  • Aids in treatment of failing eyesight, lung congestions & rashes


Empowers those who are being bullied to stand up for themselves

*  Provides support for single parents and caregivers of the elderly

Blue Calcite

blue calcite.jpg

* Chakra:  Throat & Brow/Third Eye

  • Provides clear communications even in confrontational situations

  • Brings soothing rest to those dealing with sorrow and/or loss

  • Promotes calm, clear thinking about emotional issues and traumas

  • Aids in connecting with the Spirit Realm & our Higher Power

  • Helps one to recognize one's truths & speak them with confidence

  • Stimulates memory & learning; excellent for those studying

* Healing Properties

  • Deeply soothing, it is excellent for anxiety, stress & depression

  • Provides for enhanced energy & restful sleep

  • Eases pain & inflammation in the bones and joints

  • Stimulates metabolism and strengthens the immune system

  • Brings stability to irregular heart rhythms & reduces blood pressure


Origin: found worldwide

Blue Goldstone

* Chakra: Throat

  • Improves communication skills

  • Helps build courage to stand up for one's beliefs

* Healing Properties

  • Helps with migraines and eye ailments such as glaucoma & tunnel vision

  • Alleviates allergies derived from pet dander or dust

  • Aids in recovery from surgery or intensive therapies

  • Helps to energize the body & mind


A stone for drawing positive attention to oneself

* Helps children overcome fears of the dark

Leave Blue Goldstone by a window on a starry night to recharge its energy

Blue Howlite

aka: the "Bones of the Earth"

* Chakra: Throat

  • Helps improve communications; calms confrontations & encourages emotional expression

  • Diffuses stress and anger

  • A dream stone; it brings healing through dreams

* Healing Properties

  • Excellent for bones, teeth & upper part of spine & neck

  • Helpful with recurring throat & tonsil infections

  • Useful for balancing calcium levels in the body

Lessens rudeness & boisterousness; discourages impertinence
Combines reasoning with observation & patience for discernment

* An attunement stone to aid in opening the mind to receive energies

Motivates wearer to put thought to action to achieve one's goals

Blue Agate

* Chakra: Throat

  • Promotes clear communication

  • Helps one to be open to new experiences

  • Aids in expressing oneself & standing up for beliefs

* Healing Properties:

  • Aids elimination problems by promoting the production of the proper range of gastric fluids, strengthens intestines

  • Helps with bruises, strains, sprains & headaches

  • Reduces stress & anxiety and combats discouragement

  • Helps to stabilize heart & pulse rates, increases circulation

  • Assists thyroid gland issues

* Ex 28:19, 39:12

Blue Lace Agate

aka: the "Stone of the Peacemaker"

Blue Lace Agate 2.jpg

* Chakra: Throat

  • Improves communication skills

  • Enhances ability to speak the truth & express inner feelings

  • Provides the ability to smooth "ruffled feathers" & helps establish harmony at family gatherings, meetings & conferences

* Healing Properties:

  • Relieves sore throats, thyroid problems, headaches & painful or swollen glands in the neck

  • Calms stress, high blood pressure & stress-related conditions

  • Enhances skeletal system & mending of breaks & fractures

  • Helps regulate the developmental process of fingernails & toenails

  • Aids in eliminating exterior growths (ie: warts, skin tags, moles)

  • Assists with arthritic conditions & bone deformities

Blue Opal

Blue Opal.jpg

 ** Excellent stone for those who are shy or lack confidence **

* Chakra: Throat

  • Empowers one to speak clearly & confidently in one's beliefs

  • Connects thoughts & emotions to enable complex problem solving & make the best decisions without feeling overly pressured or stressed

  • Fills one with creativity, ingenuity, strength, courage & self-esteem to achieve goals in all areas of life including romance & wealth

* Healing Properties:

  • Relieves stress & anxiety and promotes calming & relaxation

  • Provides deep restful sleep & clear dreams to help heal old wounds

  • Soothes eye discomfort and contributes to healing of cataracts

  • Strengthens the immune system & improves memory

  • Helps regulate insulin levels & purify the kidneys & blood

Origin: only found in the Andes Mountains, near San Patricio, Peru

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz.jpg

* Chakra: Throat

  • Improves communication skills & promotes expression of inner feelings

  • Augments ability to discuss problems in relationships at home, work & in social situations, bringing clarity & harmony to all environments

  • Enhances ability to remain "young at heart" despite physical age

* Healing Properties:

  • Relieves sore throats, inflammation of the throat & nose, enlargement of the thyroid gland and goiter

  • Protects the larynx, vocal cords, bronchial tubes & esophagus

  • Aids healing of laryngitis, over-strained vocal cords & dust allergies

  • Helps with varicose veins & painful knots on ankle & toe joints (ie: gout)

  • Improves vein health; protects against blood clots & inflammation of the veins & arteries

* Ex 28:19, 39:12; Ezek 28:13; Job 28:19; Rev 21:20


aka: the "Stone of Courtesy"


* Chakra: Third Eye and Solar Plexus

  • Fosters a spirit of service in oneself & an appreciation of the value of assistance

  • Brings inner peace, diminishes stress & protects against depression

  • Helps to overcome the effects of agonizing memories brought on by traumatic physical and/or psychological events


* Healing Properties:

  • Helps in treatment of cysts, rashes, pimples & eczema

  • Combats premature aging & dehydration of the skin

  • Relaxes tense muscles & muscular cramps

  • Helps balance the body's PH level by increasing the alkaline level

Carnelian (Sardius)

* Chakra: Sacral

  • Promotes flow of creativity; especially good for those in theatrical pursuits

  • Fosters confidence & courage by removing doubt & despair

  • Reminds & reinforces your own inner strengths

* Healing Properties:

  • Cleanses the blood & kidneys; promotes cell growth

  • Excellent for ridding oneself of addictions, especially those related to low self-esteem such as eating disorders

  • Alleviates arthritis & digestive issues

* Ex 28:19, 39:12; Rev 4:3, 21:20

Acts as a balancer for sensitive children; courage without aggressiveness

Aids in decision making & all forms of buying & selling

Stones C

Cats Eye (Chrysoberyl)

aka: the "Sight Stone"

* Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus

  • Enhances the ability to enjoy life

  • Helps to improve intimacy in relationships

* Healing Properties:

  • Alleviates pain in aching joints & bones

  • Improves vision; particularly night vision

  • Relieves headaches, facial & sciatic pains

  • Helps to improve flow of lymphatic system

Very effective protection against negative energy & evil spirits

Brings happiness, serenity, optimism, generosity & confidence


aka: the "Stone of Orators"


* Chakra: Throat

  • Alleviates hostility, irritability, & melancholy

  • Promotes brotherhood & goodwill, instills feelings of benevolence & generosity

  • Absorbs negative energy: strong protection from nightmares

  • Promotes clear communications

* Healing Properties:

  • Increases mental stability & aids with senility & varying forms of dementia

  • Helps to combat build-up of materials in the veins

  • Aids problems of the neck, tonsils, & vocal chords

  • Protects against feverish infections & all types of inflammation

* Rev 21:19


aka: the "Stone of Courage in Exile"


* Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

  • Promotes being "in the moment" & moving on in life

  • Sharpens one's sense of intuition

* Healing Properties:

  • Supports attention span & is helpful for those with Autistic tendencies, ADHD & social and behavioral difficulties

  • Supports healthy blood pressure, heart, pancreas & liver

  • Relieves excessive anxiety, promoting better sleep with fewer episodes of sleepwalking/talking

  • Soothes headaches & migraines

  • Protects against radiation and skin cancers, & should be carried by those in the medical field with exposure to X-Rays


aka: the "Communication Stone"


* Chakra: Throat

  • Improves communication skills

  • Helps men & women to communicate in a clear, loving way

  • Provides the "right" words to speak when most needed

* Healing Properties:

  • Assists in the regulation of insulin & to balance blood sugar

  • Aids in the treatment of blood disorders (ie: Leukemia)

  • Improves poor lung conditions such as Tuberculosis, Asthma & Emphysema

  • Helpful for muscle cramps and spasms

* Because its main role is to soothe, calm and inspire, Chrysocolla can improve sensitivity &     tolerance, inspiring clever compromises & resolutions, which is why Cleopatra wore it all       times


aka: the "Money Stone" or the "Merchant Stone"

Citrine 2.jpg

* Chakra: Base & Solar Plexus

  • Elevates optimism & energy to bring you to a place of opportunity, prosperity & abundance

  • Clears away negative energies to make room for happiness & light, allows you to welcome in the positive possibilities

* Healing Properties:

  • Quite useful in treating disorders of the nervous system

  • Stimulates the metabolic processes of the liver, stomach & pancreas

  • Reduces back pain, eases skin problems & allergies

  • Helps with depressive illnesses or phobias; drives away darkness and night fears

Clear Quartz

aka: the "Stone of Power"

Clear Quartz.jpg

* Chakra: Primarily Crown, but influences all chakras

  • Reminds us to focus on what's truly important

  • Aids in connecting with the Spirit Realm & our Higher Power

  • Helps one to stop focusing on the negatives in life and develops self-understanding, self-love & self-acceptance

* Healing Properties:

  • Assists in retaining calmness & clarity in all situations

  • Provides for enhanced energy & restful sleep

  • Aids in correcting nervous system disorders

  • Helps to alleviate vertigo

  • Useful to relieve depression & symptoms of dementia

  • A universal healer, it aids auto-immune issues and has been known to assist with diseases such as Parkinson's & MS


* Chakra: All, especially effective on the Heart

  • Creates feelings of connection

  • Helps bring balance to all areas of one's life

* Healing Properties:

  • Increases energy production & slows premature aging

  • Improves health of connective tissues, hair, & eyes

  • Regulates heart rhythm & balances thyroid glands

  • Reduces symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, stiffness & swelling of the hands and feet

  • Increases red blood cell formation for quick wound healing and reduces cholesterol

Copper amplifies the energies of the crystals and conducts their healing properties to             where they are needed in the body


Crazy Lace Agate

aka: the "Laughter Stone" or "Happy Lace"

Crazy Lace Agate.jpg

* Chakra: Third Eye

  • Promotes inner stability, composure & maturity

  • Encourages security and self-confidence

  • Powerful protection when ghost hunting or visiting very old places

* Healing Properties:

  • Improves tissue metabolism, increases elasticity in blood cell walls &                prevents varicose veins

  • Stimulates the digestive system & relieves gastritis

  • Strengthens the cardiac muscle

  • Lessens feelings of depression & despair

  • Combats sleep walking

* Ex 28:19, 39:12

Dalmatian Stone


* Chakra: Base & Sacral

  • Stabilizes & energizes the physical body

  • Bolsters confidence, self-reliance & independence

  • Restores a sense of joy, reawakens humor & fun, dissipates cynicism & skepticism, dissolves negative energy to move you forward in life

* Healing Properties:

  • Excellent for quitting smoking; helps to reduce cravings & provides determination to succeed

  • A powerful detoxifier, it boosts the immune system, assists with bowel disorders particularly IBS & constipation, treats skin & allergic rashes

  • Beneficial to muscles; prevents sprains, strains & muscle spasms

  • Encourages fidelity & harmony; strengthens family bonds

  • Helpful to children on all levels; provides restful sleep without nightmares

  • Aids in overcoming irrational fear of dogs; supports animal training

Stones D

Dendritic Agate/ Merlinite
aka: The "Stone of Plenitude"

Dendritic Agate.jpeg

* Chakra: Root

  • Enhances self-confidence, perseverance & concentration

  • Associated with abundance, prosperity & growth, not just monetary but in all areas of one's life

  • Aids in self-analysis to help rid oneself of unproductive behaviors

* Healing Properties:

  • Helps with ailments of the blood vessels by stimulating the veins & capillaries in the circulatory system

  • Beneficial to the skeletal system by helping to align vertebra

  • Aids in fighting disorders of the nervous system; especially helpful to those with neuralgia

* Ex 28:19, 39:12

* Origin: found worldwide

Desert (Polychrome) Jasper

Desert Polychrome Jasper_edited.jpg

* Chakra: Root

  • Creates balance in all areas of one's life

  • Encourages feelings of connection and purpose

* Healing Properties:

  • Strengthens immune system; purifies the blood and speeds healing

  • Settles imbalances in the stomach, glands & fluid levels

  • Eases hernias or ruptures


* Ex 28:20, 39:13; Job 28:18; Ezek 28:13; Rev 4:3, 21:11, 18, 19


A stone of exuberance, vitality & vibrancy, it inspires awe, rejuvenation, and renewal

A very healing stone, it helps create a comforting feeling of safety, security & happy               thoughts

Desert Rose

Desert Rose 2.jpg

* Chakra: Base & Heart

  • Provides for balance in all areas of life

  • Aids in releasing pent-up emotions

  • Promotes positive relationships on all levels

* Healing Properties:

  • Aids in treatment of viral infections, especially skin issues like warts

  • Relieves nausea particularly that caused by travel or stress

  • Calms panic attacks & phobias, especially claustrophobia



* Chakra: Heart

  • Allows one to view their situation calmly & clearly and motivates one to take the appropriate steps to change it for the better

  • Eases traumatic emotional pain & moves one toward healing

  • Helps one to let go of the past, get "unstuck" & move forward


* Healing Properties:​

  • Strengthens bones, teeth & muscle tone

  • Helpful in detoxifying blood & treating blood disorders

  • Aids high blood pressure & heart problems, strengthens the heart

  • Helps to alleviate vertigo, aches & pains & lessens migraines

  • Stimulates hormone production in older women, eases PMS symptoms, fortifies female reproductive systems

  • Beneficial for lung disorders & respiratory problems

Origin: somewhat rare it is found primarily Namibia, Kazakhstan & Arizona, USA

Dragon Vein Agate
aka: the "Protection Stone"

* Chakra: Heart & Crown

  • Promotes creativity, discernment, energy, strength, stamina; encourages honesty

  • Improves memory & concentration

  • Prevents insomnia & ensures pleasant dreams

* Healing Properties:

  • Helps treat disorders of the pancreas

  • Improves circulation

  • Balances & cleanses the mind, body & soul

  • Relieves stress

* Ex 28:19, 39:12

aka: the "Stone of Successful Love", Green Beryl


* Chakra: Heart

  • Promotes friendship, balance between partners & domestic bliss

  • Increases memory, mental clarity, and improves one's "6th sense"

  • Revives passion in all areas of one's life

  • Assists in letting go of the past and living for the "now"

* Healing Properties:

  • Especially helpful in aiding recovery from infectious illnesses

  • Strengthens and promotes a healthy heart and lungs

  • Promotes healthy eyes and improves eyesight

  • Helps with allergies, sinusitis and headaches

  • Useful for those with Rheumatism and Diabetes

  • Soothes eczema, rashes and skin irritations

* Ex 28:19, 39:12, Ezek 28:13, Rev 21:20

* Origin: Primarily Columbia, Brazil & Zambia, but found worldwide

Stones E

(Almandine) Garnet

aka: the "Stone of Commitment"

Garnet 2.jpg

* Chakra: Base, Heart & Crown

  • Promotes feelings of love & connection to others

  • Creates a spirit of giving & service

  • Inhibits disorder & chaos and promotes balance

  • Connects to higher intellect; especially those in the fields of astrology,             astronomy & mathematics

* Healing Properties:

  • Helps with disorders of the heart & blood

  • A steady warmer, it heats cold fingers & toes, improves sluggish circulation &      relieves rheumatic joints

  • Aids in relieving the acute pain of gallstones

  • Strengthens proper functioning of cells & promotes action towards regeneration

Stones G

Girasol Quartz
aka: Foggy Quartz, Pearl Quartz, Moon Opal, Moon Quartz

Girasol Quartz.jpg

* Chakra: Crown and Throat

  • Empowers thoughtful choices before speaking and/or acting

  • Encourages one to establish and hold healthy boundaries

  • Improves communication skills & deepens connections with others

  • Enhances creativity in the home and in artistic & business pursuits

  • Promotes healing of emotional wounds like loneliness & sadness

  • Brings zest back into relationships & energizes pursuits of hobbies

* Healing Properties:

  • Supports healing processes for diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and immune system imbalances

  • Assists with iron assimilation & in addressing hair loss

  • Stimulates blood circulation and aids with kidney disfunction

  • Helpful with problems connected to the lymph nodes & eyesight

* Origin: Madagascar

Green Agate

Green Agate.jpg

* Chakra: Heart

  • Promotes communications & understanding

  • Attracts abundance in wealth & improves self-esteeem

* Healing Properties:

  • Assists in retaining calmness & clarity in all situations

  • Aids in healing the chest, heart, & lungs

  • Anti-inflammatory, cleanses the circulatory system; boosts immune system,                anti-viral & anti-bacterial

  • Helps to balance emotions and regulate daily energy

* Ex 28:19, 39:12

Green Aventurine

aka: the "Prosperity Stone"

* Chakra: Heart

  • Dissolves negative emotions & thoughts

  • Promotes emotional healing & love

  • Improves physical activity & enhances mental perception

* Healing Properties:

  • Helps treat & stabilize irregular heart rhythms

  • Aids in balancing blood pressure & settles nausea 

  • Relieves anxiety, panic attacks & aids with Migraine

  • Improves condition of eyes, skin & hair

Promotes good fortune & prosperity

Neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution

Green Fluorite

aka: "A Crystal of the New Age"

green fluorite tumbled_edited.jpg

* Chakra: Heart & Throat

  • Improves communication skills, especially those concerning love

  • Helps transmit knowledge & is a gentle healer that detoxifies and harmonizes             the whole system

* Healing Properties:

  • Brings resistance to disease and assists the absorption of vital nutrients, aiding teeth, bones, blood vessels, lungs and spleen

  • Beneficial for arthritis, sore throats, ulcers of all kinds, heartburn, indigestion and insomnia

  • Helps scars to heal, both physical and emotional

  • Regulates hormonal, anxiety based or stress based conditions

* Restores harmony to people, animals, plants and places

Green Jasper
aka: the "Supreme Nurturer"

* Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus

  • Creates joy & friendliness in wearer, enables empathy

  • Helps one to achieve a deep sense of inner peace

* Healing Properties:

  • Improves performance of circulatory & immune systems

  • Aids in correcting disturbances in the digestive & nervous systems and                   brings calming to both

  • Extremely helpful during extended illnesses, hospitalizations or times of                   great energy loss


* Ex 28:20, 39:13; Job 28:18; Ezek 28:13; Rev 4:3, 21:11, 18, 19


Among the strongest of all protection stones, it is a powerful deflector of negativity &             helps bring balance to one's life

Green Tourmaline, Verdelite

Green Tourmaline.jpg

* Chakra: one of the most powerful of the HEART chakra stones

  • Creates a flow of wholesome energy providing courage & strength

  • Brings invigorating growth to one's emotional self, allowing one to be more expressive and less fearful of change

Healing Properties:

  • A powerful healer of the heart; it stimulates proper cellular function & regeneration & aids with cancers or other cell growth imbalances

  • Purifies & strengthens the nervous system

  • Aids in detoxifying intestines & bowels & can assist with weight loss

  • Relieves chronic fatigue & exhaustion; particularly that stemming from  menopause

  • As it is quieting to the mind, it soothes claustrophobia, panic attacks, hyperactive children and provides for restful sleep


Origin: primarily Brazil, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan & Afghanistan

aka: the "Stone for the Mind"

* Chakra: Base

  • Provides balance to sexuality, digestive & weight issues

  • Deepens ones connection to nature

* Healing Properties:

  • Particularly helpful in dealing with addictions

  • Useful in treating disorders of the blood & nervous systems

  • Excellent for treating insomnia & leg cramps

  • Aids in dispelling heat in the body; draws out fever

Assists with mental attunement, memory enhancement, mathematical pursuits,

  & the development of both mental & manual dexterity

Conducive to entering a loving relationship; it attracts "kind" love

Stones H

Indian Agate

Indian Agate_edited.jpg

* Chakra: Base & Crown

  • Helps improve all areas of life with balance & stability

  • Connects one to the wisdom of the Universe, allowing for genuine self-awareness & removal of self-centered behaviors

* Healing Properties:

  • A body strengthener in times of stress; excellent for convalescing after illness or recovery from addictions

  • Aids in reducing sensitivity to weather

  • Reduces the pain of childbirth & assists with delivery

  • A stone of wealth; it attracts abundance in all areas of life

  • Enhances mental concentration, persistence & endurance

* Ex 28:19, 39:12

Stones I

aka: Cordierite, Water Sapphire


* Chakra: Third Eye

  • Encourages a positive, calm, clear mind during adversities

  • Aids in understanding & releasing the causes of addiction

  • Helps one to organize thoughts & communicat clearly & succinctly

  • Pushes one to take responsibility for one's self & not rely on others for validation

* Healing Properties:

  • Improves eyesight & aids those who are "directionally challenged"

  • Deflects electromagnetic waves from tv's, cell phones & computers

  • Helps with insomnia, nightmares & sleep disorders

  • Aids in regulating digestion and enhances hair & nail growth

  • Eases migraines, headaches, disorientation & dizziness

  • Strengthens nerves; helps with numbness, paralysis & memory loss

Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, & Myanmar

Stones J

Jade (Nephrite/Jadeite)

* Chakra: Solar Plexus and Sacral

  • Enhances ones enjoyment of life

  • Encourages & stimulates healthy sexual relationships

  • A wealth stone; it opens the door to the unlimited resources of the universe and   assists in attaining self-assuredness, self-reliance and self-sufficiency

* Healing Properties:

  • Helps balance blood sugars & reduces fluid retention

  • Aids arthritis & bone or joint pain, especially in the hips

  • Effective for lung, eye, bladder & kidney problems

* Inspires wisdom during problem assessment; helps to recognize & care for those

   things of prime importance to well-being

* Induces cohesiveness in families & improves dysfunctional relationships

Stones K

Kambaba Jasper
aka: Crocodile Jasper,
Green Stromatolite Jasper

Kambaba Jasper.jpg

* Chakra: Root & Heart

  • Dispels worry & negativity; promotes tranquility & serenity

  • Strengthens our connection to the earth & its animals & people

  • Enhances endurance, stamina, patience & powers of observation

* Healing Properties:

  • Supports the digestive system & assimilation of vitamins & minerals

  • Helps cleanse the body of toxins & improves conditions of hair, skin and nails

  • Aids the body in areas of essential growth & renewal, boosting the immune system, cellular growth and DNA

Stromatolites are fossilized Algae & are the oldest known fossils on earth.  Kambaba       Jaspers are thought to be up to 3.8 billion years old.

Origin: Madagascar & South Africa



* Chakra: Third Eye & Throat

  • Enhances ability to communicate & learn languages

  • Promotes relaxation and improves concentration

  • Strengthens ability to persevere in the most trying situations

* Healing Properties:

  • Aids in disorders of the muscular system, urinary & genital tracts, adrenal glands, throat, parathyroid glands & brain

  • Ameliorates symptoms of disorders that start in the brain; hearing, eyesight &        sense of smell

  • Strong protection for the esophagus, larynx & vocal cords & brain damage caused by infection or lack of oxygen

  • Protects against sore throats, tonsillitis & goiter

  • Enhances healthy cell development for all ages

* Does NOT absorb/retain negative energy; never needs cleansing


aka: the "Stone of Creativity"

*Chakra: Crown

  • Reduces insecurity, anxiety and stress

  • Promotes mental sharpness, intuition & intellect

* Healing Properties:

  • Effective in alleviating problems of the bones & spinal column

  • Beneficial for Rheumatism & Arthritis, joint wear & tear

  • Aids in treatment of brain disorders; stimulates mental acuity

  • Strengthens immune system & repairs the aura

  • Helpful for improving vision, particularly night vision

  • Counters stress & psychological over-dependence whether of people, medicine, food, alcohol or tobacco

* It helps to develop imagination, creativity & a sense of humor, particularly in children

Stones L

Lapis Lazuli

* Chakra: Third Eye and Throat

  • Enhances foresight & intuition

  • Helps to improve ability to express yourself & stand up for one's beliefs

* Healing Properties:

  • Helps balance functioning of thyroid gland

  • Strengthens the neck & vocal chords

  • Aids in lowering high blood pressure

  • Calms nervous system & anxiety

  • Relieves symptoms of headaches & skin disorders

  • Especially helpful for children with Autism & Aspergers Syndrome

* Known during biblical times as Sapphire (modern Sapphire wasn't discovered until         late in the Roman Empire)

* Ex 24:10, 28:18, 39:11; Job 28:6,16; So 5:14; Isa 54:11; Ezek 1:26, 10:1, 28:13; Rev 21:20

*Recharge Lapis Lazuli by placing outside on a clear starlit night


aka: the "Atlantis Stone"

Larimar 2_edited.jpg

* Chakra: Throat

  • Promotes clear and open communication

  • Enhances ability to express one's inner feelings without becoming overly emotional

  • Creates a calm atmosphere in a place with strong personalities

  • Breaks old thought patterns, frees & opens up new ways of thinking and acting

* Healing Properties:

  • Promotes relaxation, relieving stress & anxiety

  • Helps develop and maintain strong bones

  • Assists with chemical imbalances, personality disorders & addictions

  • Aids with arthritis, joint pain, sciatic complaints, & lumbago

  • Strengthens immune system and provides relief against allergies


aka: "Norwegian Moonstone" or "Black Moonstone"

Larvikite 2.jpg

* Chakra: Base

  • Creates feelings of connection to the earth and others

  • Helps one to focus their mind

  • Stimulates creativity, increases intellect, and deepens wisdom

* Healing Properties:

  • Calms the nerves, regulates blood pressure, and aids in recovery from heart attacks   and strokes

  • Helps improve brain function and memory

  • Eases skin problems and disorders

  • Enhances youthful glow of skin and physical vitality

  • Aids in cleansing the body by the removal of toxins and negative energy

Lava Stone (Basalt)

aka: the "Stone of the Four Elements"

basalt-Lava Stone.jpg

* Chakra: Base

  • Provides stability in life & helps to navigate through life's changes

  • Fosters strength & courage, & is useful in dissipating anger

  • Assists in diminishing the negative aspects on one's character & promotes positive modifications of one's behavior

* Healing Properties:

  • Good for chronic skin conditions, rashes & allergies of all kinds

  • Hold stone during labor & delivery to ease the pain of childbirth

  • Relieves cramps throughout the body, especially menstrual cramps

  • Use lava stone as a diffuser of essential oils on your person or in your environment

This stone is extremely powerful and is not for use on animals or young children

Leopard (skin) Jasper

aka: the "Physical Healer"

* Chakra: Heart, Sacral, Base & Solar Plexus

  • Heart for emotional healing & love

  • Sacral chakra improves creativity

  • Root for grounding & improving balance in all areas of life

  • Solar Plexus for increased will power

* Healing Properties:

  • Detoxifies liver, gallbladder & bladder, improves body odors

  • Reduces stress, tension, & abdominal pains

  • Can relieve hiccups & nausea

  • Brings emotional balance, calms body & mind, promotes creativity

* Ex 28:20, 39:13; Job 28:18; Ezek 28:13; Rev 4:3, 21:11, 18, 19


aka: the "Peace Stone"

Lepidolite 2_edited.jpg

* Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

  • Deeply enhances understanding of oneself & the world

  • Sharpens one's intuitive sense

* Healing Properties:

  • Particularly helpful in dealing with addictions to anti-depressants, tranquilizers, alcohol, tobacco & food

  • Assists in treating tension & stress related disorders; promotes relaxation of tendonitis, leg cramps, tight shoulder muscles and elimination

  • Stabilizes blood flow & calms the heart

  • Calms & soothes nerves, reduces pain

  • Helpful for mental disorders such as Alzheimer's & dementia & other degenerative conditions

Stones M



* Chakra: Crown, Third Eye & Heart

  • Promotes self-understanding, self-esteem & self-love

  • Helps one to be more honest with themselves and others

  • Magnifies positive energies in your environment while keeping negative energies at bay

  • Provides clarity about ones goals & how to achieve them, then boosts confidence & provides energy & motivation to make them a reality

* Healing Properties:

  • Helpful for muscle spasms; it is a muscle relaxer & antispasmodic

  • Provides relief for overly sensitive skin & the symptoms of PMS

  • A strong detoxifier; it aids with bad breath & body odor

  • Assists with constipation, headaches & migraines

Origin: found worldwide with primary deposits in Austria, China & Nevada, USA

Mahogany Obsidian
aka: Red Obsidian, Mountain Mahogany

Mahogany Obsidian.jpeg

* Chakra: Primarily Root/Base, but also Sacral & Solar Plexus

  • Gives strength, particularly to stand behind one's convictions

  • Cleanses and "reactivates" one's emotions

  • Provides inspiration and drives creativity

  • Helps one to release inner doubts & fears and push through to bring thoughts & dreams to fruition and improve personal growth

* Healing Properties:

  • Strengthens kidneys, liver & all lower-body organs

  • Aids with water retention and stiffness in muscles & joints

  • Helps to relieve pain & improves circulation

  • Useful to relieve depression & for those suffering from addiction

  • Increases sexuality & sensuality (particularly if both partners are wearing it); can also improve symptoms of ED

Origin: anywhere volcanic activities occur, particularly Mexico, Japan & the USA

aka: the "Stone of the Heart"


* Chakra: all, especially effective on the Heart

  • Promotes communications & understanding

  • Helps you to see the beauty in everyone and everything, leading to a state of harmony, kindness, gentleness, and peace

* Healing Properties:

  • Reduces sensitivity to weather & environmental pollutants

  • Good for immune system, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen, pituitary gland, eyesight and teeth

  • Helps asthma, epilepsy, tumors, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation and swelling, bone fractures, and torn muscles

  • Aids in tissue regeneration, physical balance, endurance and detoxing

Mookaite Jasper
aka: Mook Jasper, Mookalite


* Chakra: Primarily Solar Plexus, but depending on color can also interact with the Base/Root, Heart & Brow/Third Eye Chakras

  • Strengthens willpower, self-confidence & self-discipline

  • Encourages inner flexibility; accept change & to go with the flow

  • Yellow Mookaite evokes a sense of optimism & positivity particularly in relationships; invites new relationships to begin

  • Red Mookaite promotes excitement & vitality, highly motivational

  • An extremely protective crystal, it can help you to sense danger

* Healing Properties:

  • Boosts energy & promotes vitality of the immune system

  • Widely believed to inhibit the aging process & promote youthfulness

  • Balances fluids & minerals in the body & soothes digestive system

* Origin: Mooka Station/Mooka River located near the Kennedy Ranges in

   Western Australia.  "Mooka" is an Aboriginal word meaning "running water"


aka: the "Woman's Stone"

* Chakra: Sacral

  • Brings meaning to life; enhances enjoyment of life

  • Encourages & stimulates healthy sexual relationships

* Healing Properties:

  • Balances all body fluids; blood, lymph, sweat, digestive juices, urine, sperm & tears

  • Promotes a natural & strong hormonal balance in women

  • Alleviates menstrual pains, menopausal & thyroid issues

  • Encourages fertility & provides for easy pregnancy & delivery

* Diminishes anxiety, particularly about the future

* Encourages "zest for life" & a youthful attitude, even in old age

Moss Agate

aka: the "Gardener's Stone"

* Chakra: Heart

  • Promotes communications, self-expression, & understanding

  • A stone of new beginnings; attracts abundance in wealth & improves self-esteem

* Healing Properties:

  • Reduces sensitivity to weather & environmental pollutants

  • Gradual cleanser promoting growth of healthy cells & tissue within the body, aids in preventing colds & flu

  • Anti-inflammatory, cleanses the circulatory & elimination systems; boosts immune system, anti-viral & anti-bacterial

  • Helpful for those wanting to free themselves from long-established ways of life & dependencies such as addiction

* Ex 28:19, 39:12


Associated with plant growth

Stones O


black obsidian rough.jpg

* Chakra: Base

  • Protective & grounding; helps to provide stability in life

  • Disperses negative thoughts about one's body & helps one to be comfortable in their own skin

  • Boosts intuition & creativity

* Healing Properties

  • Reduces tension & helps to alleviate pain especially in the legs, feet & lower back

  • Improves circulation, accelerates healing & is good for those who suffer from cold hands & feet

  • Treats trauma, shock & anxiety attacks

  • Aids in ailments of the stomach & improves digestion

Helps to console a traumatized or grieving child

Alleviates night terrors & fear of the dark

Ocean Jasper

aka: the "Emotional Healer"

Ocean Jasper.jpg

* Chakra: unblocks:

  • Throat for improved communications

  • Solar Plexus for increased will power

  • Heart for emotional healing & love


* Healing Properties:

  • Assists lymphatic system, eliminates toxins

  • Promotes deep cellular repair

  • Aids the digestive system, reduces bloating & PMS

  • Aids in healing of eczema, skin, gum infections & tumors


* Ex 28:20, 39:13; Job 28:18; Ezek 28:13; Rev 4:3, 21:11, 18, 19


* Found only in Madagascar; it empowers the wearer with self-confidence, self-esteem &         self-worth

Encourages positivity, alleviates stress, anxiety & depression



* Chakra: Base

  • Absorbs sorrow & transforms negative energy to prevent the drain of personal energy

  • Aids in development of emotional & physical strength during times of stress, confusion &/or grief

  • Fosters wise decision making; encourages happiness


* Healing Properties:

  • Excellent for all problems of the ear, especially inner ear, balance, sensory & motor mechanisms in the body

  • Protects those working in chemical & high emission jobs

  • Works with adrenal glands, aids in blood & cell building

* Gen 2:12; Ex 28:20; Job 28:16; Ezek 28:13

Aids in concentration for those who are easily distracted

Helps one absorb from the Universe the energies that are needed

Promotes recognition of inner strength; Master your own destiny


(a combination of Dolomite and metal)


* Chakra: Third Eye

  • Boosts sense of self-worth & unleashes inner strength

  • Stabilizes mood swings & clears blockages in all chakras

  • Encourages fidelity in relationships

* Healing Properties:

  • Soothing to the heart & can help stabilize an irregular heartbeat

  • Supports healthy lungs & oxygenation of the body

  • Excellent for insomnia or those who suffer from nightmares

  • Energizes to help overcome fatigue & exhaustion

  • Stimulates the libido & sexual prowess

  • Soothes the symptoms of depression & helps to heal relationship problems

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite.jpg

* Chakra: Sacral

  • Brings calmness & reduces feelings of aggression

  • Balances sexuality and enhances vitality

  • Promotes inspiration & creativity

* Healing Properties:

  • Helps to alleviate stress related-symptoms, especially those associated with digestive disorders such as IBS

  • Aids in healing psychological scars from sexual attack or abuse

  • The best stone for a gall bladder attack; it also helps with gall stones, liver and spleen problems

  • Promotes healthy bone strength & growth


aka: the "Stone of Sincerity"


* Chakra: Throat & Sacral

  • Improves communications, enables one to stand up for beliefs

  • Makes one more open to new experiences

  • Encourages & stimulates healthy sexual relationships

* Healing Properties:

  • Alleviates chronic headaches & migraines

  • Reduces allergies and allergic reactions

  • Enables hormonal cycles to find their natural levels

  • Eases mental overload

* Matt 13:46; Rev 21:21

Encourages truth & loyalty; inhibits poor behaviors in that it allows one to see

   oneself as they are perceived by others

Stones P


Peridot 2.jpg

* Chakra: Heart

  • Reduces egotism, jealousy & anger

  • Helps break negative cycles; particularly alcoholism/addictions

  • Aids with lethargy & laziness to defeat depression & anxiety

* Healing Properties:

  • Strengthens the heart, thymus gland & lungs