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Our hand-made genuine leather "Memphis" bag is designed to go with the flow.  Weighing in at just over 11 oz. and approximately 9" wide and 6 1/4" high, this bag features an ID pocket for your driver's license, credit cards and a little cash, a front zipper pocket to accommodate a large cell phone, and the main zipper pocket still has plenty of room for your glasses, keys, meds, etc.

Comfort is in your own hands; clip the bag onto your belt loops or use the adjustable strap.  Whether you're out shopping, sightseeing in some exotic port-of-call, riding an iron horse or the 4-legged variety, or just need something small for your Epi-pen or diabetic supplies, the "Memphis" bag has you covered.

Please note that the pictures are a general representation of what the product will look like.  Due to variances in color and pattern from hide to hide and each piece being handmade, every bag will be unique with slight differences from the pictures shown.

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