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What is Smudging?

"Smudging" is an ancient practice that was/is common with most Native American & other indigenous cultures. Many religions use incense as a part of their services or ceremonies.

Smudging is a purifying "smoke bath" and modern science has proven its viability.  A build up of positive ions in the air results in a palpable "heaviness" that can bring us down & cause negative thoughts and energies to stagnate & pollute objects, spaces and people.

The smoke from smudging emits large amounts of negative ions into the air, which results in a light, balanced & high-energy space, object or person. 

Another example of this is sitting near the ocean or a moving stream.  Moving water emits large quantities of negative ions, making the areas nearby spaces of peace, tranquility and positive energies.

Remember, two negatives = a positive.

How to Smudge:

1. Hold the wood or herb bundle over a shell or ashtray as you light it.  Let it catch fire & burn for about 30 seconds, then blow it out.

2. Use your hand or a feather to waft the smoke into the areas you want to cleanse, across your body, or pass a handheld item through the smoke.

3. When you are finished, extinguish by snuffing out on inside of shell or ashtray. (You can wash the shell afterwards)


For cleansing yourself, waft the smoke around your body, starting at your feet and moving upwards until finishing above your head.  Be sure to focus around areas of concern (ie: if you shake hands a lot, smudge extra around your hands or if you do a lot of speaking, spend extra time on your throat, etc.)

For cleansing home or room, open the front door and start there, moving around your space in a clockwise motion.  Be sure to waft the smoke into all the corners.

For handheld items, place smoking wood or herb bundle into a shell or ashtray.  Pass items to be cleansed through the smoke.

Palo Santo- Bursera Graveolens
aka: "Sacred Wood"

* History and Uses

  • Used by the ancient Incans and many South American natives to cleanse and purify themselves and their property

  • Provides protection for the home and spirits of those residing there

  • Brings creativity & imagination, clears negative energies

  • Aids with breathing problems, allergies, asthma, cough, flu, sinusitis

Origin: South America

White Sage
aka: The Purifier,
Sacred Sage, Bee Sage

* History and Uses

  • Used since ancient times & considered a "sacred" plant by many cultures

  • A delicious spice, makes great potpourri, and is one of the best plants for smudging

  • Cleanses negative energies from spaces, objects and people

  • Helps restore balance & positive, uplifting energy

Origin: southwestern USA and northwestern Mexico

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