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Ghost Croc Cream & Brown Leather

Ghost Croc Cream & Brown Leather


Ghost Croc embossed leather featuring a creamy beige and brown coloring. This leather is extremely versatile and tends to take on the coloring of the items around it. Lay it on a Gray and the dark areas look more gray than brown. Lay it on a Green and the the dark areas will appear to have a slightly green tint. This is our go-to focal leather as it is a natural chameleon and works with everything! Weight is 2oz - 3oz. We offer only premium leather. These are first quality pieces and are not "scraps" or left over pieces. This leather is perfect for handbags, tote bags, briefcases, leather bracelets, leather earrings, craft projects, and whatever your imagination comes up with!

Custom sized pieces are available. Please message us with requests for sizes not shown. Please note that custom cut leather is non-refundable.

The back of the leather is suede with some discolorations. Do NOT count on the back side of the piece to be attractive. We make every effort for our photos to be representative of the colors, however, there are some minor variations in color from hide to hide. And, different devices may display the colors differently.

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